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Boutique Self-contained Accommodation in Mallacoota

Our self-contained accommodation in Mallacoota offers exquisite views.

You will relax and recharge in the natural surroundings of the Mallacoota Inlet and Howe Ranges. Our self-contained accommodation in Mallacoota provides you with the benefits of the modern-day easy living while you get back to nature and explore our unspoilt environment. 

Problems Adobe Abodes Addresses 

Our accommodation features the amenities you are accustomed to at your own home with a down to earth customer service that will make for a relaxing holiday lifestyle. Our rooms offer you:

•    A full kitchenette for convenient meal preparations that are especially ideal for family guests.
•    A private bathroom complete with shower, toilet and complimentary toiletries.
•    Use of a shared laundry as well as an iron and ironing board in each room.

You will enjoy the little touches of personality in each room that welcomes you every time you enter.

What Sets Adobe Abodes Apart Regarding Self-Contained Accommodation in Mallacoota

We set ourselves apart with excellent customer service and comfortable rooms that are suitable for singles, couples and families.

•    You will feel welcome and a part of our Adobe Abodes family with a basket of gifts to help you settle into your stay.
•    Our mud-brick houses are a unique eco style accommodation that has a positive impact on the environment.

Our rooms also feature a wood burning fire for extra cosiness, and we include complimentary firewood.

Why You Should Use Adobe Abodes

We provide you with accommodation that allows you to have a relaxing holiday getting back to nature without missing the comforts of home. Contact us today to book your stay.

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