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Enjoy the Beautiful Mallacoota Cabins at Adobe Abodes

Why not book your next holiday at one of our Mallacoota cabins? 

Our Mallacoota cabins provide the ideal setting for a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life. Treat yourself to an unassuming getaway in awe-inspiring surroundings.

Tips Regarding Our Cabins in Mallacoota 

If you are interested in experiencing a relaxing getaway, don’t forget the following recommendations: 


  • Be aware of the difference in accommodation: When booking your stay with us, keep in mind that we have two different types of cabins in Mallacoota. Our two-bedroom units have ten squares of living space and can sleep between four and five people. The Tamminuya – Honeymoon Cabin is a quiet destination for a couple interested in a romantic escape. 

  • We have different pricing depending on the season: Our property operates according to three different seasons throughout the year. While planning your trip, remember that prices will vary. We offer a weekly rate and nightly rate with a minimum two-night stay. 

  • Book ahead of time: It’s essential to try to book your stay as soon as possible to ensure that one of our units are available. We take all reservations telephonically so give us a call when you are ready to cement your plans. Detailed explanations about the amenities of our cabin choices are available so you can have a complete picture of what to expect when you arrive. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Mallacoota Accommodation Cabins 

We know that you have only limited time to get away. When you visit our Mallacoota accommodation cabins, consider doing the following to get the most out of your time with us: 


  • Bring your dog with you: If your heart breaks when you must leave your furry friend behind when you go on holiday, our Mallacoota cabins are the place for you. All our units are dog-friendly so both you and your pet can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

  • Take the time to explore Mallacoota: Mallacoota is home to some of the most breathtaking views in Australia. Make sure to take a leisurely walk around town or go to the beach during your stay. Do you love the ocean? Don’t miss out on fishing or kayaking around the inlet. 

  • Enjoy making a home cooked meal: Do you love to cook but feel like you never have the time? Our units come with a kitchenette which includes a full-sized fridge, stove and microwave. Feel free to cook up a storm of delicious food to add to the relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the night, put your feet up and enjoy your Coonara wood fire heater. We include firewood in each cabin. 

About Adobe Abodes 

Our cabins offer a picture-perfect getaway for couples and families, alike. Our accommodation provides all the comfort of home with an eco-friendly twist. The Adobe Abodes team commits themselves to your comfort during your stay with us and are here to answer any questions or concerns you have. 

To find out more about our cabins, please reach out to us. We look forward to your visit. 

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